Inside-out 360o Hands Tracking Module: AeroWandTM

      The module consists of:
  • A tiny antenna mounted on or integrated in a VR, MR or AR headset
  • Two controllers tracking positions and orientations of both hands
  • Inside-out tracking
    • No outside camera, laser scanner, or antenna is required. 
  • 360o tracking 
    • Camera-based inside-out hands tracking systems have a viewing angle of less than 120o.
    • AeroWandTM provides 360o tracking.
  • No occlusion
    • Even if one controller or a body part blocks the other controller, AeroWandTM can track it. 
  • Compact size controller
    • No need for bulky markers or IR sensor array
    • AeroWandTM can support a compact form factor (ex: pencil shape). 
    • Can be easily attached to or integrated in various types of controllers (Ex: life scale sword, shield, etc.) 
  • Ultra low latency
  • Local computing
    • No additional computing on a paired computer or smartphone
    • Each controller has a built-in low-cost processor that performs all computing.
  • Platform independent & Plug-and_play ready
    • No additional computing = Simple SDK and Plug-and-play ready
  • Low cost and Low power
Use Cases
  • [Mobile Virtual Reality] Low-cost high performance inside-out hands tracking solution for mobile VR
    • For both standalone and smartphone-based mobile VR
    • Powerful hands tracking (i.e. more immersive interactivity) at a fraction of cost
    • Maintain the system compact and mobile
    • Complementary with the inside-out head tracking
  • [PC Virtual Reality] Great alternative solution for hands tracking for any existing high-end VR systems
    • Reduce number of outside cameras or laser scanners by using them just for head tracking
    • Reduce controller size significantly
    • Get ready for inside-out head tracking  
  • [Mixed Reality] Low-latency 360o hands tracking for mixed-reality systems
    • Inside-out head tracking is already very computing intensive.
    • Reduce cost and power consumption by eliminating the computing for hands tracking. 
    • Provide a much better hands tracking performance (low latency & 360o
    • Reduce controller size significantly
  • [Augmented Reality] Small form-factor high-precision hands tracking solution for AR systems
    • Provide controller based interactivity (ex: haptic feedback) in addition to the gesture based interactions
    • Provide a compact form factor (ex: 3D drawing pen)