OEM Integration
Interested in integrating AeroWandTM into your company's VR headset? 
Your VR system provides wonderful 3D viewing experiences to the users. Your VR system can provide wonderful 3D-interactions experiences to the users as well by integrating AeroWandTM into your system. 
  • Its simple HW and SW makes it compatible with any VR systems--PC VR, game console VR, and mobile VR.
  • The AeroWandTM head tracker can be mounted on your VR headset or can be completely integrated into your VR headset. 
  • The AeroWandTM hand tracker can be paired to your VR system as a standard HID device.
  • Please contact us for more details.
Add-on controller for Cardboard style VR Headsets
[Expected launch date: 1Q 2017]
Already have a Cardboard or Cardboard style VR headset? Attach AeroWandTM to your VR headset to enjoy great 3D interactions in VR. 

AeroWandTM -- 3D Head and Hand tracker for easy-to-use yet powerful 3D interactions in the virtual world 
  • Fast, accurate and compact 3D input device for mobile virtual reality (VR)
  • Completely untethered -- No wire is required! Anyone can install anywhere in less than 10 seconds! 
  • Support Google Cardboard and Cardboard style mobile VR headsets (CMOAR, Dive, FiBRUM, Freefly VR, Homido, ....)
  • Transform your smartphone into a powerful virtual reality (VR) entertainment system with natural 3D interactions 
How AccuPS's AeroWandTM works?
  • Put the untethered AeroWandTM transmitter anywhere in your room, even in your backyard
  • Attach the small AeroWandTM head tracker to your Cardboard or other type of VR headset (CMOAR, Dive, FiBRUM, Freefly VR, Homido, ....) for absolute 3D head position tracking
  • Pickup the AeroWandTM hand controller for absolute 3D hand position tracking
  • Enjoy mobile virtual reality (VR) apps with powerful 3D interactions 

AeroWandTM Android Launcher
[Expected launch date: 1Q 2017]